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Welcome to Collector Times.com

We will be updating the Collector Times this weekend!

Welcome to the Anniversary Edition of The Collector Times!

Joe Singleton has drawn the front page:

April 1st was our online anniversary and we're into our 17th year online now. We had to skip a month because my husband's mother was doing badly and we had to go up to Austin to say "Goodbye." Luckily, she has rebounded and is doing better. I'm really relieved because . . .

Tomorrow, May 1st, I am having a hip replacement. Somewhere along the line, the blood flow to my hip was lost and the bone is dying. Dying bone is *painful* by the way. This is just the latest of various health issues I've had for a year and a half. I hope that this is the last one for awhile.

It does, however cheer me up to share with you some of the good things we have for you this issue. AJ Reardon reviews a fantasy novel entitled Green Rider while Rick Higginson reviews the graphic novel "47 Ronin." And of course, Jess Willey gives us a heaping helping of Original Series Star Trek book reviews. Mat has 2 months worth of Random Crap to share too! And if you have ever wondered what Carnival in Rio is like, Flávia Victorino tells all. There's lots more good stuff here, so please take some time and look around.

I feel so fortunate to put out a magazine with such wonderful, talented friends who have become my extended family over the years. I'm also grateful to you, Dear Readers who come back month after month. As always, we are so glad to have you here!

Sheryl Roberts
Editor, The Collector Times

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